Welcome to the newest campus of Khan Lab School, located in Wichita, Kansas. As a first step, we will be launching our founding class of 4th through 9th graders in the fall of 2024.

Student-centered community-based learning.

Personalization of pace with high expectations.

Opportunities for students to learn from one another.

Learning that is not bound by time or grade level.

Our Story

Established in 2014 under the leadership of Sal Khan, author of The One World Schoolhouse, Khan Lab School provides a unique avenue for students to realize their educational aspirations. Sal’s groundbreaking book unveiled a forwardlooking vision for the future of education, seamlessly integrating both in-person and online learning. This founding vision remains the driving force behind our mission. As we mark a decade of innovation, we are excited to unveil our inaugural expansion school in Wichita, Kansas, opening its doors in August 2024.

Our Approach


Every learner diligently forges their educational path, acquiring knowledge and skills at their own pace to construct a robust foundation. We empower them to embrace their individuality, discover their unique voices, cultivate personal interests, and passionately pursue their own paths of curiosity.


Learners leverage their mastered concepts to collaborate with peers, enriching both their own knowledge and that of their peers. Through this process, they not only apply their understanding but also develop effective communication skills and the ability to take on roles as either influential team leaders or valuable team contributors.


As Learners grow in self-awareness and self-confidence, they also cultivate a profound sense of empathy and understanding for others. They come to appreciate that individuality thrives with the tapestry of a larger community. This culture of respect for diverse perspectives and cultures empowers learners to actively contribute to the greater well-being and collective harmony.

Our School Location

Khan Lab School is proud to announce its future home in the newly established Learning Lab, an education incubator space situated in downtown Wichita. This strategic choice of a central location reflects our commitment to accessibility, ensuring that learners and educators from the surrounding areas can easily engage with our innovative educational offerings.

Within the Learning Lab, Khan Lab School will be surrounded by other influential leaders in the field of education, fostering an atmosphere of innovation, collaboration, and engagement. The Learning Lab Wichita will come to life in Spring 2024 at Union Station, a historic transportation hub that once welcomed travelers from all corners of the country. We are excited to be a part of this transformative educational journey in the heart of Wichita.